Monday, March 1, 2010


Exclusive pumpover video! Filmed yesterday during the last pumpover for the cab. The balling has been shooting down, so we have stopped pumpovers to avoid over-extraction. I haven't tried it today, but supposedly it now kinda tastes like wine, though it still has some sugar in it.

Sadly the video cut out during most of the actual pumping part of it. But you can see the tanks, and the really exciting setup and cleanup processes! Plus the soundtrack is money.

The shiraz harvest started today, so we will have the second tank full of shiraz sometime this week.

Didn't participate in harvest today. Instead ran an errand, then tried to go to this cable pull wakeboarding lake (like wakeboarding without a boat) in Strand, but it was closed. Tomorrow is a large day of deliveries. Cousin Cy and Cousin-in-law Alli are in town staying at Camps Bay, so hopefully I can meet up with them for lunch while I'm in Cape Town. If not, they'll be out in the winelands staying in Stellenbosch later this week.


  1. Keep 'em coming, Jack. We love your log. Makes me feel as if I'm there. It sounds as if you're having a great life. Wine-tasting, dinners, kite-surf efforts, wonderful wine-country vistas. - Granny and Anne